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Your justice challenge

Crime, injustice and disorder can be explained as a combination of a motivated perpetrator, a coveted goal and a lack of oversight. It has given rise to the different strands of criminology: the perpetrator oriented, looking into the motives of the perpetrator; the security oriented, making the goal less attractive and the social disorder oriented, looking into the capacity of society to cleanse itself of destructive behavior and actually influence their behavior.

This last approach is most useful when we see crime, injustice and disorder as a challenge that we face as a society, not a specialized service.

Case of Amsterdam housing projects

Lack of social control around Amsterdam housing projects is related to crime

A heightened risk of burglary, disorder and violent crime and dissatisfaction with the quality of living is related to lack of social oversight. A project that united the residents of housing projects was related to more satisfaction with living conditions. Interestingly, increased social control was related both to heightened awareness of risks and increased care for community and resident safety, leading to lowered rates of disorder and crime. (Essen, Stöpler, Straathof, 2017).