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Impact control

You want to impact justice and safety: people feel safer and they objectively are safer. Justice in Practice Foundation designed a unique control system to do just that. It is based on years of scientific research and tested in various municipalities. Improve specific processes and behaviors of co-operative systems for superb results.

Maturity level

The maturity level gives an accurate picture of why communities develop. It shows recommended behaviors for impact: right behaviors satisfy needs and open perspectives to other gains. This sparks a cycle of development and impact increase.

Each maturity level is described by specific actions that satisfy needs and open
perspectives on new gains.
ommon operations, the successes have enormous lasting value.

Development of new initiatives takes place when a certain competence has been reached in a group. Invariably, the authorities have been invited to be part of these innovations. Depending on their response, they can benefit from actions like civil investigations into organised crime, osint collection and processing or interregional coordination. Stolen objects, suspects or modus operandi are sought and found over large areas by a fine grid of online individuals.

In maturity level 5, innovations are central such as developing combined
databases, citizen research into criminal phenomena and wider range of services.

The Justice in Practice Foundation inventories behavior and by measuring, controls for high impact activity to stimulate.