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The Justice in Practice Foundation is your community partner. We help you help by co-operating with partners to impact justice needs.

About us

We love to show and build your achievements! So when you choose to work with us, we help you explore what really makes your community work and then show your (potential) members how they can help to build it. Next, we help you engage with partners from government and private safety and justice sector and establish mutually beneficial strategies, policies and operations. And we measure so we can show your achievements, fine tune to improve and spread your best practices.

Our services

Your community care and oversight provides the first measure of justice and safety. That’s why our primary service is community building. As your community grows your ambition will take you to professional serviceproviders. Justice in Practice helps establish common ground and the authority to start equal co-operation. Impact steering shows how you collectively achieved actions and situations that really impact our real safety and our sense of safety.

Community building Co-Operate Impact Control

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