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Community Building

Positive and pleasant contact with others. That is the most named feature of a situation people describe as ‘safe’. No other factor has as much impact! The physical surroundings form a distant but significant second. And science proves us right: of all solved crimes, more than 65% were solved because of citizen alerts to police. In areas with active neighborhood watch, crime rates are significantly lower than comparable areas without it. So people looking out for each other really works.

Communities share a perspective on reality.
Communities have common expectations of their surroundings.

We did several projects and experiments building communities for improving justice and safety. When building communities we had to find ways to: see through each other’s eyes and develop common perspectives; also, we had to start constructing common expectations.

Activating a community?

Do you have an idea that you care deeply about and that you want to grow? Let us help you set up a community.


We help you discover what really moves your community. We have street interviews, surveys, we take best local examples. Inspirational for potential members and structured to suit policy development.

To implementation.

Want to know more?

Read a free example of community building research we can do. Or contact us for more.