Justice in Practice

Innovating justice and safety

Impact justice 100%
Co-operate 90%
Your community 80%
Your justice challenge 70%

Show what you are achieving and what you need to improve

Feel confident about your abilities and effectiveness

Strengthen your community with leaders, mass and coordination

Learn to describe your challenge

Justice in Practice

The pillars of justice


We show your contribution to justice, real time if you want. We can measure which behavior was most and least effective and what you can do to increase impact.



Know your privacy and civil rights. Learn investigative techniques. Codes of conduct are trained with all members of the community.


Community building

Your community thrives on the recognition of its abilities and strengths. Together with police and administration, you co-create and co-own.


Your justice challenge

Parallel worlds of organized crime and social distress are symptoms of eroding cohesion and control. Learn how to bring it back.



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Citizens needed to stop child abuse

mei 3rd, 2019|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Citizens needed to stop child abuse

Child sexual abuse happens more than we like to think. The Internet Watch Foundation screened over a 100,000 web addresses hosting illegal child sex images and found that almost half were hosted in The Netherlands. Why The Netherlands? Perhaps because we […]

Design voor impact met buurtpreventie

april 5th, 2019|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Design voor impact met buurtpreventie

Een buurttoezicht dat veiligheid(gevoelens) meetbaar vergroot, een tevreden politie en enthousiaste gemeente. Dat zijn de wensen van meeste betrokkenen rondom buurtpreventie/burgerparticipatie. De Communitymonitor veiligheid biedt houvast.  Op basis van de resultaten kun je nu samen met partners aan de slag […]

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Communitymonitor veiligheid 2018

november 1st, 2018|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Communitymonitor veiligheid 2018

Update: hier is de presentatie van de resultaten!

Communitymonitor veiligheid heeft tot doel om inzicht te krijgen in de manier waarop de impact van buurttoezicht, WABP, veiligebuurt.nl, nextdoor en andere communities voor veiligheid vergroot kan worden. Ben je betrokken bij fysieke […]

  • titelpagina afbeelding boeien handcuffs

Just citizen research

oktober 9th, 2018|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Just citizen research

Citizen Crime Control is sharing its first legal brief on national legislation regarding powers for gathering information to uphold the law and protect the vulnerable. The Netherlands hosts a few active citizen research persons. Some of them have expressed interest […]


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